Expedia 2012 Travel Trends Report

Expedia 2012 Travel Trends Report





For more information, please contact expediapr@hlgrp.comor call (425) 679-4317. All data referenced below is as of January 2012.


2012 Travel Trend Outlook

  • Apocalypse Now? Better Plan Your Travel Soon.
    • Given the Mayan Calendar’s suggestion that 2012 is the last remaining year for travel, there’s no time like the present to book that dream trip. In fact, the Mayan prophecy may actually be spurring interest in Central American markets, particularly in Belize, where bookings were up 67% year over year through the Q3’11 compared with bookings from Q3’10.


  • On the Go? No Problemo.
    • Expedia® analysis shows that 50% of all bookings through Expedia’s Expedia Hotelsapp are for same day bookings. The company expects that trend to continue through 2012. With Expedia Hotels loaded on a traveler’s iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Anrdoid tablet, they can book a hotel from practically anywhere, in an instant, in just four taps.


  • Americans are Sunchasers: Four of the Top 5 Domestic Travel Destinations are Warm-Weather Cities
    • According to Expedia analysts, five of the hottest destinations for Americans will be Las Vegas, Orlando, New York City, Los Angeles andMiami.


  • In 2011, Americans visited these five US cities most often: New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles andChicago.


  • 5 Hot International Destinations for Americans in 2012
    • Based on search results, in 2012, American travelers are showing strong interest in Cancun, San Juan, London, San Jose del Cabo andPunta Cana.


  • Six Asian destinations that showed strong growth in 2011 – with transactions up 60% year over year through Q3’11 in comparison with Q3’10 – include Okinawa (Japan),Davao (Philippines), Boracay (Philippines), Shenzhen (China), Saudi Arabia, andChiang Mai (Thailand).


  • Tourist Trends: Where Do Foreigners Visit?
    • Based on search results, for international visitors to the United States, Expedia analysts identified the most popular destinations: New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, Honolulu andMiami.


  • Summer Games Tips
    • Competition at the Summer Games in London is guaranteed to be strong for airline tickets.  As is the case with most air searches, Expedia recommends travelers expanding their search from multiple airports to get to London this summer.  For example from New York, Expedia analysts have seen flights for under $1,000 that will get travelers to London right in the middle of all of the action (Note: This is based on a search completed on Expedia.com on 1/12/12 for travel between 7/24/12 and 8/04/12).


  • As for hotels in London for the Summer Games, there is a limited supply of rooms available and average daily rates for these rooms can be expected to increase.  Smart travelers will exhaust all of their options, including looking for lodging outside of the city limits. Demand will continue to grow up until the opening ceremonies, so savvy travelers should book their trip now for the best prices.


  • When booking travel to the London for the Summer Games, a traveler’s best bet is to book a package deal offering both flight and room accommodations. The trick is to book them simultaneously, rather than separately. Customers receive exclusive rates when booking a package deal and can save up to $500 per trip. This is a booking tip that is well-known to industry insiders, but not as well known elsewhere.


  • If you’d like insight into the state of the London travel market during the Summer Games, please let Expedia’s press team know.


  • The Dollar vs. the Euro
    • Travelers should also try to take advantage of the fact that the dollar has grown stronger against the euro. More money to spend on beer at Oktoberfest, perhaps?


  • Average Ticket Prices Are Up, But Travelers Can Still Save
    • Given the increasing demand for air travel and with few signs of increases in airline capacity, analysts from Expedia expect average ticket prices to grow at a modest rate.


  • Despite higher ticket prices, there are easy ways to be sure travelers are getting the best fare available. First, check out Expedia’s Flight Fare Calendar, which keeps track of the lowest fares found on Expedia in the last 48 hours. Also, Expedia analysts recommend booking flights on Tuesdays as they generally feature the best deals to find air ticket prices. And the cheapest day to fly is usually Wednesday, followed by Tuesday and Saturday.  Finally, early morning flights tend to be the most cost-effective while giving travelers more time at their destination.

Ways to Save

  • New Ways to Save
    • Expedia just launched the new “Smart” Last-Minute Deals page to help people find the best deals for both hotels and flights coming from their location for the upcoming two weekends.  Unlike other flash sales that pull from inventory in the system, the Expedia Last-Minute Deals page is actually based on deals other customers have found and the places they’ve travelled to so you have user-generated and user-informed deals tailored to the preferences of travelers like you.


  • Expedia offers great deals called ASAP A Sudden Amazing Price®, which are promotions that offer daily travel deals at up to 50% off. These deals are live and bookable for up to 12 hours and are great for last-minute getaways.


  • Groupon Getaways with Expedia is another great way to save. Because the deals follow Groupon’s voucher model, travelers don’t have to travel immediately. They can book a hotel room at an exceptional rate then travel when the time is right. Groupon Getaways with Expedia deals are also transferable so they can now give the gift of travel to a friend or loved one.


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